Whatever It Took.

Posted on 29th April, 2014

On his resignation from being Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson wrote:


'In storms like those all hands must be aloft.


But calm is now restored, and I leave the bark with joy to those who love the sea. I am but a landsman, forced from my element by accident, regaining it with transport, and wishing to recollect nothing of what I have seen, but my friendships.'


Absolutely. It's all about the people. Only the people. 


gyro: we've had a huge amount of fun together in the last two years.


We took an unhappy ship, something that was broken, and we fixed it.


New people, new clients, new culture; and a lot of elbow grease.


It was nice to get the IPA Gold award. It was right to transform the bottom line. But for those of us who were there - those of us who did it - all that counts for nothing when compared with the friendships. 


It is my profound privilege to call you friends.


Mucha suerte Kate, and to you all - un abrazo.



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